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Baby Colic Help - Natural Parenting Support

Baby Colic Help - Natural Parenting Support Book
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Natural Parenting Support

Baby Colic Help - Natural Parenting Support Book


The self-help book Baby Colic Help - Natural Parenting Support is now available on Amazon.



At the moment you may be feeling extremely tired, stressed and at a loss as to what to do to alleviate your baby's colic.

Parenting is a profound experience. Having children can push every emotional button we have, testing and stretching our resilience and stamina. What greater learning about life and ourselves can we have?

My aim is to help empower you on this parenting journey so that you can enjoy this unique experience more and you can help your baby to relax into life, and flourish.

Here you will find lots of useful information about baby colic, learn more about an essential resource - The Baby Colic: Natural Parenting Support Book - and also learn about baby treatments and classes, holistic practical information, FAQs and useful articles to help you and your baby.

Baby Colic Help FlowerYou can feel:
  • Less tired.
  • Less stressed
  • More empowered
  • More connected with your baby
Baby Colic Help FlowerYour baby can:
  • Feel more relaxed and comforable
  • Have improved sleeping patterns
  • Be healthier and happier

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One-to-One Baby Colic Coaching Sessions - Coaching sessions are here to support you while you are dealing with baby colic. Supportive and informative coaching sessions can be via Skype or email.

“New or old souls being born are our future. They need to learn of peace, joy and prayer – so as to get and give the best to life. To become whole human beings.”

- Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma
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